Via Del Ponte di Mezzo 3, 50127 Firenze

Since 1960, Vestri has been a Tuscan master chocolate maker.

Founded in Arezzo as a small family confectionery workshop in which Danielo’s parents, Alberto and Marianna, prepared the chocolate with which to garnish shortbread to sell at the local market. In just a few years, the confectionery workshop has expanded and new machinery for artisanal processing has taken hold. Danielo and his wife Stefania took over the helm with the simple yet romantic mission of enchanting and seducing everyone’s palate with their chocolate made from natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Since 2002, they have been managing a cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic, which allows them to take care of every step from cultivation to product packaging and ensure the highest level of prestige. All cocoa beans are harvested by hand and fermented naturally in cabirma wooden boxes and then dried in the sun.