Vigneti Costacurta

Strada Vicinale Rossini, 28074 Ghemme (NO)

A bit of history

“Vigneti Costacurta is a young winery of Alto Piemonte dedicated to the valorization of the territory valorization of the territory through the wines obtained from the main grape variety cultivated here: Nebbiolo, The king of their vineyards is the local variety of “Cobianco”.

Costacurta owns vineyards in the area of Ghemme and Sizzano, where the
composition of soils varies greatly thanks to their fluvio-glacial origin and to the climate influence of Monte Rosa means that every bottle is unique, representing the full expression of the territory.

All the work in the vineyard is done by hand, from cultivation to harvesting. During the vinification process the aim is to preserve the characteristics of the grapes in order to produce typical local wines.
Extreme attention to detail to preserve the quality of the wine even in the bottle. In fact, the young wines have screw caps. These offer an internal membrane that allows a controlled internal passage of oxygen, preserving the quality over time.
Guido takes care of his vineyards and the biodiversity of the surrounding area, as well as aiming for the lowest environmental impact of their production: the bottles and the cork are totally recyclable.

The labels are decorated with natural elements, such as the vine leaves coming from the same vineyards from which the wines are produced, in order to ideally wrap bottles in the sign of Nature.


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