Colomba & Easter Eggs

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Celebrating an Italian Easter wouldn't be complete without a chocolate egg or the sweet colomba cake. While everyone knows how good an artisanal chocolate egg can be, have you tasted the excellence that is the Colomba? It became popular in the 1930's thanks to the Motta bakery, who wanted to find a way to enjoy the Panettone outside of Christmastime. However, legends actually trace this Easter cake back to the Longobard era when the king Alboin was offered a dove-shaped cake as a sign of peace and salvation during the siege of Pavia (mid-6th century). The original dough, made with flour, butter, eggs, sugar and candied orange peel, with a rich almond glaze, has since taken on various shapes and variations. Now every region gives their own artisanal excellence to this delicious cake!