“Cantucci & Vin Santo” Tasting Box

3 pieces


VAT included

The dessert to end on a high note

1 Bottle of Vin Santo and two types of Tuscan cantucci

Tuscan tradition in a box just for you!

If there is one certain joy in your life, it tastes like a Tuscan Cantuccio dipped in Vin Santo.
The perfect dessert to end a dinner in good company or to treat yourself to a daily moment of true pleasure.

In this box, happiness takes the form of a glass of Vin Santo and delicious Cantucci.

Vin Santo is a sweet wine made from Malvasia grapes and over the years has become a symbol of good luck and togetherness in the Tuscan home, to be offered to guests: that's why it should never be missing from your pantry!
It is produced by William, a 92-year-old gentleman with a sweet soul and a persevering spirit. If you look closely, your bottle is hand-numbered.

It is also ideal as a meditation wine, but don't get too carried away, your mind may wander too far.

Tasting Vin Santo brings with it the spirit of Tuscany. Its complex aroma ranging from sugar and beaten egg to honey and molasses is magically combined with the slightly bitter taste of the classic Cantucci.

Deseo's Cantucci Classici are crunchy and grainy to the taste with an intense almond flavour. Their name, which perfectly connotes their diagonal shape, derives from "Cantellus" which means "Slice".

Fratelli Lunardi's Cantucci release the bitter note of the almonds inside a dough that remains softer than the classic Deseo ones. Ergo, they soak more intensely.

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Deseo classic Cantucci: Wheat flour, sugar, almonds, egg, egg yolk, butter (milk), honey, leavening agent (ammonium bicarbonate), natural flavourings, sea salt.

Cantucci morbidi classici Fratelli Lunardi: wheat flour type 0, sugar, almonds 20%, egg, butter (milk), egg yolk, honey, leavening agent (disodium diphosphate, sodium carbonate, wheat starch, ammonium bicarbonate), salt, natural flavouring, orange essential oil.

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