“Casizolu” Fresh Provola di Bordigali

around 750gr


VAT included

Milk Cow

The traditional cheese of Sardinian culture

To be combined with chilli honey

Sweet and aromatic flavour

Casizolu is the cheese that best captures the spirit of Sardinia. The milk of the Sardinian cow, a prized breed, meets the skill and experience of the Lacesa artisans. A cow's milk cheese with a spun paste, soft, compact, elastic, straw-yellow in colour that changes to ochre-yellow depending on maturation. Savoury and piquant flavour. It is one of the few Sardinian cheeses made with cow's milk to have a long tradition: initially, it was prepared at home, working the milk as soon as it was milked, and the women shaped it by hand so that the head of the "peretta" could retain the flavour more intensely.

Casizolu is now a PAT product, i.e. it is included in the list of traditional food products.

Thanks to its consistency, it is excellent eaten as it is: provola on a slice of bread with honey or with mostarda di pompia, the typical Sardinian lemon. Try it as a base for your ravioli filling or to make Seada, sweet cheese-filled fried ravioli typical of Sardinia.

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Cow's milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes. (Without preservatives)

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