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Milk Raw Milk, Cow, Sheep, Goat

Perfect as a gift

Piedmont's most iconic cheeses

Maccagno Biellese, Bra Duro, Antigorio Riserva e Castelmagno


Drum roll, curtain up and a big round of applause for the new cheese tasting box from our producer Guffanti. A lot of you have asked us for this and we have listened!

What can you find in the box?
- Biella's Maccagno - 200gr: the favourite cheese of Queen Margherita of Savoy. It is characterised by a soft texture and has a sweet and delicate flavour reminiscent of fresh butter.
- Bra Duro - 200gr: the addition of goat's and sheep's milk to cow's milk gives the cheese an unparalleled flavour. It is one of the most renowned cheeses of the Piedmontese tradition.
- Antigorio Riserva - 200gr: is a toma cheese matured for 60 days and processed in the Ossola Valley with alpine milk. It has a compact consistency that conveys its intense flavour from the very first glance.
- Castelmagno - 200gr: the cheese of excellence of the Piedmontese tradition that is only produced in Val Grana. Its flavour is really intense and gives an aftertaste of stables and spicy hints if properly matured.

It is perfect as a gift for your friends or relatives who are cheese lovers. As well as being tactical to organise a cheese tasting: start with the least mature cheese and work your way up to the most intensely flavoured (the order above is the correct order to know where to start). Savour the cheese from the heart of the slice, which retains the most delicate flavour, to the rind, which unleashes the full force of the ripening process, so that you can fully experience all the nuances of this tasting journey.

What is the best wine to pair with it? Considering the level of maturation of the cheeses in the box, we recommend Enrico Crola's Giulia or Travaglini's Gattinara DOCG: the harmony of their structured tannins with an elegant and soft flavour go well with this tasting.
And don't forget to add some honey to the table to enhance the flavour of each cheese.

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We prepare the order in 24-48 hours and shipping to Europe usually takes 2 or 3 days.

Our priority is to pack and ship the products safely. All the different types of cheese are vacuum sealed and we use dry ice and cool bags to keep the products fresh and their quality intact.

Wine and all bottles in general are shipped in inflatable bags, designed to protect them throughout their journey. Please note that all packaging can be easily reused.

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Maccagno Biellese: RAW MILK, salt, rennet. Non-edible crust. Crust treated with A150A (caramel).

Bra Duro: Cow’s milk, rennet, salt.

Antigorio Riserva: VACCINE MILK, rennet, salt.

Castelmagno: Raw milk, sheep and goat's milk, rennet, salt.

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