Gin Cured Meats Tasting Box

around 500gr


VAT included

5 types of cold cuts in one box

Perfect as a gift idea

Cold cuts are already sliced

This tasting box contains delicious pre-sliced cold cuts with gin.

Mauro Schiavo is a butcher and barman from Turin who created the perfect gin to go with meat: balsamic, fruity flavour and dry texture for a sip that pleasantly envelops the palate. In this gin the botanicals are distilled individually to release the most intense nuance from each of them.
After the creation of Gin Bugin, Mauro did not stop and wanted to create an unparalleled sensory experience: charcuterie made with gin.

In the box you will find 5 tubs of cold cuts composed as follows:
- Coppa, gin is used to season and flavour the meat, although the cured meat is then matured for a further 4 months in natural casings. Coppa is a traditional Piedmontese cured meat, made from pork neck. It is handmade and aged for 4 months to obtain a soft consistency and a strong aroma.
- Pancetta Stagionata (cured bacon), made from prime Piedmontese pork. It is massaged with Bugin gin and matured for 3 months until the meat becomes compact and perfect for slicing. Excellent with polenta croutons.
- Lonzino Pancettato, gin is used to season and flavour the meat. The lean pieces of meat are matured in their whole form for at least 90 days until the flavours penetrate the heart of the fillet. The bacon is matured for 25 days and then used to wrap the loin. It's perfect with mustard.
- Nocetta, gin is used to season and flavour the meat. Nocetta is the prized cut of the animal's thigh: a lean and firm cut of meat. After seasoning with gin and spices, it is matured for 90 days. Excellent with white bread.
- Salame Crudo, where gin is used as an ingredient for the mixture. The old recipe handed down in the Schiavo family is used, where Gin Bugin is added to the medium-large ground mixture and then stuffed into a natural casing.

The elegant packaging makes it perfect as a gift for your friends who are salumi lovers.
Inside, the cured meats are already sliced and placed on a golden foil.

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