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The Sweet Gorgonzola is a blue-veined raw cheese made from cow's milk and characterized by blue-greenish streaks due to the formation of mold. Its history dates back to 879, but Piedmont was the place that refined the processing technique and allowed it to spread all over the world until 1996 when it was recognized by the European Community and registered in the list of DOP products.

The sweet Gorgonzola of Palzola has a characteristic of creaminess that stands out in the DOP panorama. What distinguishes this product is the ability to maintain this feature for several days.In addition, its cream is pleasantly mixed up with delicate and well-melted marbling in the mass. Aged for a period of 60 to 70 days in the old owned farmhouses, real aging cellars coated in cotto are able to maintain the values of humidity and temperature in the cheese.

Important: sweet and spicy are the two types of Gorgonzola. The “sweet” is the creamy one, although there is no sugar in it, while the “spicy” does not have neither pepper nor chili, but it is so-called for its masculine and pronounced taste.

Serving suggestions: pasta, risotto.
Taste: soft, less strong than spicy gorgonzola, with robust traces of penicillin.
Aspect and texture: soft, yellow paste with bluish-green marbling. The rind is light reddish and is usually protected by tin foil.
Milk: full fat, pasteurized, cow’s milk.
Ripening: at least 60 days.

It is lactose-free so it is suitable for everyone!

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MILK, salt, probiotics, yeast, penicillium, rennet.

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