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Frantoio Franci's most precious oil

Monocultivar Frantoio in hand-numbered bottles

Try it also on cocoa and pistachio ice cream


The Gran Cru extra vergin olive oil is Frantoio Franci's most precious gem.
It is the ultimate expression of the Frantoio variety, a centuries-old Tuscan olive grove destroyed by frost in 1985. It is made from monocultivar Frantoio, whose olives are hand-picked between October and November in Val d'Orcia. The bottles are hand-numbered: a special oil to enhance your pantry.

It is green in colour with golden highlights. To the nose it releases an elegant fragrance with floral hints and notes of almond, kiwi and artichoke. It is sweet on the palate, but the bitterness soon arrives in the right dosage. The pungency gradually increases but the final flavour is well balanced and harmonious. The taste ends with spicy notes of black pepper.

Excellent with raw or cooked vegetables, meat and tartare, fresh cheese.
Ideal especially for tuna, cod and red meat.
For an original combination, try cocoa and pistachio ice cream with a drop of Olio Gran Cru. It can also be used in cooking but at low temperatures and for a limited time.

Gran Cru EVOO has always won awards all over the world. The last vintage received 7 awards from the world scene.

How do you taste oil? Read our blog to learn how to properly taste the aroma and flavour of oil.

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