L’arrotolata rustica

around 650/750gr


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Ancient Tuscan tradition

Lactose free

Perfect to add on your pasta


Today, the arrotolata rustica of Pancetta is still produced according to an ancient tradition passed on by the ancient butchers. Two strips of Pancetta are taken from the pig, and cured in salt for 12 days. After adding the salt, the meat is seasoned with different herbs and the “pestatina lucchese”, a pesto sauce with garlic, pepper and rosemary. This mixture of spices is spread on the inner layer of the pancetta, where the meat is leaner. Finally, the pancetta is then rolled, tied with cotton twine according to ageing traditions and spread (on both sides) with pepper and herbs. If the product is to be eaten fresh, then it will be tied delicately all over the outer part (including the 2 ends) and it will be seasoned for just 20-30 days. If instead the pancetta is to be stored, it will be tightly tied and seasoned for about 1 year.

We prepare the order in 24-48 hours and shipping to Europe usually takes 2 or 3 days.

Our priority is to pack and ship the products safely. All the different types of cheese are vacuum sealed and we use dry ice and cool bags to keep the products fresh and their quality intact.

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Wine and all bottles in general are shipped in inflatable bags, designed to protect them throughout their journey. Please note that all packaging can be easily reused.

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Pork belly (orginine: Italy), salt, spices, natural flavors, sugar, dextrose, antioxidant E301, preservative: E250 E252.

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