Passito Valdenrico

2018 - 37,5cl


VAT included

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Grape Erbaluce

Vintage 2018

Alcohol volume 14%

Serving Temperature 8°-12°C


Passito Valdenrico is a white dessert wine, made from Erbaluce grapes that undergo a very slow natural drying process, known as Appassimento. It is the most precious of Rovellotti's wines and is produced in very limited quantities.

The grape Erbaluce, is so-called because the berries take on pleasant hues that are reminiscent of the sunrise. It is one of the most precious white grapes of Piedmont, mentioned first in 1600 in the treaty of the jeweler of the Savoy court, Giovanni Battista Croce. Instituted as DOC in 1969.

In the past, when making sweet wines, winemakers sought after residual sugar and did not consider the acid component of the grapes. It was only in the 1990s that the harvesting of specific acidic grapes for sweet wines was brought forward, marking a change in trend. In fact, they reduced the number of fresh grapes in passito in order to over-ripen the grapes on the vine and then dry them with a very slow fermentation over a fairly long period of time.

Fermentation once the grapes have been dried, in small wooden barrels.

The final result offers a deep straw yellow colour, luminous and crystalline. Its fragrance is reminiscent of hazelnut, dried chamomile flowers, and dried fruit.
The Passito Valdenrico is balanced, sweet, and slightly spicy.

This wine is best enjoyed with creamy deserts or bisciuts, blue cheeses, pâtés and foie gras.

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