Pecorino semi-aged 2-4 months – “San Leonardo”

around 400/420gr


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Milk Sheep

Perfect balance between intensity and delicacy

Crafted as shepherds once did

Perfect with a glass of Vermentino


Pecorino San Leonardo is the ideal cheese for those seeking the genuine and authentic flavours of Italian tradition.

The Canu family continues to process raw milk with the same manual skill and tools as their father who started the cheese-making business. For them, transforming milk is a real passion to which they dedicate the right care, respect for time and the search for excellence in every form.
San Leonardo semi-matured cheese is a raw milk pecorino processed in copper cauldrons, as shepherds used to do in ancient times. Smoking is obtained from beech wood shavings.

It has an intense and aromatic flavour and a soft but not creamy consistency. The acidity of Pecorino is perceptible only at the first taste, then it gives way to persistent sweet and delicate notes: perfect for those seeking a balance between intensity and delicacy.

In 2012 it was awarded in Rome as the best national raw milk Pecorino.

It lends itself to being paired with Sardinian wines such as the renowned Vermentino Orriu for its mineral and fruity notes. If you prefer a glass of red, we recommend the Monica di Quartomoro, defined by many as 'the white disguised as red'.

Bring to the table the semi-aged San Leonardo with some Pane Carasau, a glass of wine, laughter from true friends and the perfect evening is served.

We prepare the order in 24-48 hours and shipping to Europe usually takes 2 or 3 days.

Our priority is to pack and ship the products safely. All the different types of cheese are vacuum sealed and we use dry ice and cool bags to keep the products fresh and their quality intact.

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Wine and all bottles in general are shipped in inflatable bags, designed to protect them throughout their journey. Please note that all packaging can be easily reused.

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Raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet.

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