Pecorino with pepper

around 400/700gr


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Milk Sheep

Sardinian Pecorino cheese with black pepper

Excellent with structured red wines

Black pepper gives a special touch


Lacesa's Pecorino with pepper is a real delicacy for the palate: authentic Sardinian pecorino with whole grains of black pepper. Strong and decisive taste, full and pleasant. The pepper gives a spicy note to the cheese. It is one of Sardinia's most historic cheeses. Its consistency is hard and compact, like a typical Sardinian pecorino.

Lacesa carefully selects sheep's milk from flocks that graze in the wild. Being a cheese with a rich and savoury flavour, it lends itself to being paired with structured red wines such as CGN di Quartomoro.

Try it sliced on the cutting board of your aperitif accompanied by balsamic honey, such as linden honey, and whole wheat Pane Carasau.

Maturing: 120 days.

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Sheep's milk, salt, grain of black pepper (0,8%), rennet, milk ferments.

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