Robiola di Roccaverano PDO

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Milk Goat

Rare cheese available only until January 25th

The first goat's cheese with PDO status

Fresh cheese with an incredible taste


The voyage of discovery of true Italian taste is destined to never end and always offer unexpected emotions. Like the chance to taste unique and rare products, created by small local producers in limited quantities.

Robiola di Roccaverano DOP is the first product to be included in the new selection of rare and unique products.

It is a fresh cheese typical of the municipality of Roccaverano, in the Langhe region. Robiola is produced as in the past with goat's milk obtained during the winter months from goats bred in the hills of Piedmont. Guffanti follows every step of its creation with dedication: from the selection of the milk, to its processing, which only takes place between April and November in 9 municipalities of the Langa Astigiana, to its refinement in caves. The processing remains faithful to that handed down through the centuries. Raw milk is added to calf rennet and left to rest for about 10 hours. The cheese is then placed in perforated moulds to drain off the whey. Finally, dry salting takes place and the cheese can be matured for as little as 4 days for the freshest specimens and up to 2 weeks for the tastiest version. This one proposed by Guffanti has a maturation period of 10 days.

Testifying to the ancient bond that binds the territory to milk processing, Robiola di Roccaverano is the first Italian goat's milk cheese to obtain PDO recognition.

Characterized by an ivory-coloured paste with a thin rind, it has a soft but consistent enough texture to be held in the palate to slowly savour every nuance. Its flavour initially releases herbaceous notes, yoghurt and hints of hazelnut, and closes the tasting with intense and savoury nuances.

To enhance the flavour of Robiola di Roccaverano PDO, we recommend pairing it with a rich glass of white wine, such as Roero Arneis by Lagobava or Timorasso Miel by Giovanni De Marco, or a light craft beer such as Farmhouse ale "Sister Ale" by Birrificio le 2 Sorelle. To serve as an after-dinner treat, enjoy an extraordinary experience in combination with Vermouth Vandalo. It is a special combination with bitter orange jam from Monastero Germagno or blond onion compote from Audere. Try it seasoned with oil and chilli pepper.

For optimal conservation, you can store it in the refrigerator on a plate, covered with a cup or porcelain bowl so that the cheese can continue to breathe. The rind is edible.

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Raw goat's milk, animal rennet, salt.

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