Salami & Cheese Tasting Box

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Milk Raw Milk, Cow

Mix of 2 salami and 2 cheeses

Different flavours and processes

Perfect with a bottle of red wine


Have you ever dreamed of tasting the best varieties of Italian salami and cheese?
Close your eyes, the Salami & Cheese Tasting Box is ready to be shipped to your home. Two different varieties of salami and two varieties of cheese to taste as special as they are different: each slice brings with it culture, processing methods and ancient recipes that differentiate each Italian region from the others.

What does the Salami & Cheese Tasting Box contain?
- Donkey Salametto from Salumificio Mainelli (around 100gr): typical of northern Piedmont, made with donkey and horse meat, this is one of the tastiest traditional salamis. The balance between the parts and the final harmony is not lost even with this tasty and intense flavour.
- Black Pig Salami (around 250gr): its flavour retains all the essence of the black pig breed, more savoury and intense than the traditional one, without losing delicacy and the balance of each flavour.
- Raschera DOP from Guffanti (around 200 gr): one of the most renowned cheeses of lower Piedmont. With an intense taste and slight pinch, i goes perfectly with dark beers and rich red wines, also enjoy it with some dark fruit jams or on whole-wheat bread.
- Gorgonzola DOP from Palzola (around 200 gr): what distinguishes this cheese is its ability to maintain its creaminess for several days, moreover its cream is pleasantly amalgamated with a delicate and well-cast marbling in the mass.

The Salami & Cheese Tasting Box is perfect for any occasion: ideal to bring to the table, paired with a glass of structured red such as Lambrusco di Sorbara, Barbera d'Asti or Rosso di Montepulciano.

And for the most special occasions, complete your salami and cheese tasting with the Jam Tasting Box for a never-before-experienced food and wine journey.

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Our priority is to pack and ship the products safely. All the different types of cheese are vacuum sealed and we use dry ice and cool bags to keep the products fresh and their quality intact.

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Salametto Ticino: Pork meat of Italian origin, Salt, Aromas, Wine, Dextrose, Spices. Antioxidants: Sodium Ascorbate E310, Ascorbic acid E300. Preservatives: Potassium Nitrate E252, Sodium Nitrite E250.
Black pig salami: Rose black pork, salt, pepper, flavourings, natural, preservative E252.
Bra Duro DOP: Cow’s milk, rennet, salt.
Extra Sweet Gorgonzola DOP : MILK, salt, probiotics, yeast, penicillium, rennet.

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