“Santa Claus likes truffles” Box

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Milk Cow

Salami and cheese with truffle

To taste truffles in a different way

Ideal as a precious gift


Truffle lovers, this is a special dedication for you.

What does the box contain?
- Paltufa from Palzola (around 200gr): the blue cheese with black truffle shavings that has broken through every heart of those who have tasted it. The creaminess and sweetness of Gorgonzola enhances the intense flavour of the black truffle. Excellent eaten on its own or to prepare risottos.
- Truffle Salami from Salumificio Mainelli (400gr): the classic salami of the Piedmontese tradition enriched with black truffle. The bite reveals a perfect balance between fatty and lean cuts and a unique taste where no component prevails over the other.
- Paltufo from Palzola (around 400/500gr): the fresh cow's milk toma cheese with an intriguing and irresistible flavour. Let yourself be enveloped by the enveloping fragrance of the truffle and enjoy its intense, garlicky and slightly spicy flavour, enriched by the unique taste of the cheese and salami.

Ideal as a gift or to bring to the table for a classy aperitif.

Match it with a glass that knows how to bring out the notes of the truffle, without covering it, such as the Dolcetto DOC "Piosa" by Orsi, and the crispy Fantapiada by Twist Products.

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Paltufa: MILK, BLACK TRUFFLE (0.15% -0.2%), Salt, Rennet, Yeast, Penicillium.
Truffle Salami: Pork meat of Italian origin, Salt, Flavours, Truffle of Italian origin (0.6%), Dextrose, Spices. Antioxidants: Sodium ascorbate E301, Ascorbic acid E300. Preservatives: Potassium Nitrate E252, Sodium Nitrite E250.
Paltufo: MILK, TRUFFLE (0.05%), ferments, rennet, salt.

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