Pompìa Jam – Ancient Sardinian Citrus


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Bitter taste

Excellent with semi-mature cheeses

Sardinia's oldest and most mysterious fruit


The pompìa is the oldest fruit in Sardinia. With its wrinkled skin, unattractive appearance and rounded, flattened shape, it has a centuries-long tradition and a very rare cultivation.
Legend has it that the pompìa is a citrus fruit that originated from a cross between the citron and the lemon, while more scientific theories believe that its birth was due to pollination between the bitter orange plant and the citron.

Francesca Pau works this citrus fruit delicately and over long periods of time to retain all the intensity of its acidic flavour and floral aroma. The citrus fruit is boiled in water, immersed in a copper pot with sugar and cooked over low heat, stirring continuously until it turns a golden colour.

It is best served with Pecorino Sardo Stagionato and a good glass of structured red wine. It also goes perfectly with a slice of Fiore Sardo.
Excellent for breakfast, spread on warm bread for a bitter aftertaste or to fill homemade tarts.

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