Sardinian whole wheat carasau bread



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Rich in fibre and with a hint of roasted hazelnut

Great to crumble into yoghurt or soups

The typical bread of Sardinian shepherds

The Sardinian whole wheat carasau bread is made for those who follow a diet rich in fiber, but do not want to give up the pleasure of bread carasau. Thin and fragrant sheets with a unique taste!
Carasau bread is typical of the Sardinian tradition, originating from the province of Nuoro. It takes its name from the sound it makes when it breaks, for this reason it is also known as music paper. The bread was baked twice in order to last longer, which made it the perfect food for shepherds to take on long journeys to the pastures.

Thin and crispy sheets, characterized by the unmistakable hint of toasted hazelnut and rich in fiber.
The careful craftsmanship and delicacy of each step of its processing, make Pane Carasau of Panificio Murru e Lai, a high quality product in respect of tradition. The particular production gives lightness and digestibility, a scent and a taste that make it unique.

Pane Carasau is the bread of the Sardinian tradition. Excellent tasted alone, even more, perfect with cold cuts and cheeses. It is a versatile and original ingredient for the preparation of many recipes both sweet and salty: try it crumbled in yogurt or in soups.
Warmed in the oven it becomes even more fragrant, while moistened with a little water it assumes a soft consistency, similar to that of a piadina, perfect for making sweet and salty sandwiches.

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Whole wheat semolina, water, salt, yeast (may contain soya)

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