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Sweet, spicy and palfuoco Gorgonzola cheese

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Discover the delicious taste of Northern Italy's favorite cheese with the "I Gorgonzola" Tasting box!

3 different types of Gorgonzola are included, so you will have the opportunity to try three different products at once.

This box is perfect for an aperitivo with friends and to feel like a real "Piemontese" and taste the authentic flavours of Alto Piemonte's Gorgonzola.

What's in the Gorgonzola tasting box?

Extrra Sweet Gorgonzola PDO - 200gr

The sweet Gorgonzola Sovrano of the Palzola dairy has a characteristic creaminess that stands out in the Gorgonzola panorama. What distinguishes this product is also the ability to maintain this characteristic for several days. Moreover, its creaminess blends pleasantly with delicate and well-melted marbling in the mass. It is matured for 60 to 70 days in the old casere (cheese factories), real aging cellars lined with terracotta tiles that maintain the humidity and temperature values unchanged. A heritage expressed by the history of the Paltrinieri family.

Food pairings: Traditional Italian pasta, polenta, and risotto dishes, but also enjoyed on its own. Accompanied by medium-bodied red wines, so as not to overpower the delicate flavors.

Appearance: pale straw-colored paste, soft and yielding. Light blue-green colour. The rind is light reddish, protected with foil.

Spicy Gorgonzola Extra Riserva PDO- 200gr

Palzola's Gorgonzola au naturel is one of the most symbolic products of the company and one of the most sought after by cheese lovers. The cheese is matured for 90 days and during this period the blue colour gently spreads along the whole surface of the compact cheese. It is more pronounced towards the centre with a typical fairly dark green colour. However, it remains creamy in the pure Paltrinieri family style. The fermented blue adds a spicy bite to the soft cream.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy with risotto and traditional Piedmontese dishes, accompanied by stronger structured red wines like Nebbiolo-based Gattinara or Barbaresco. To be tasted on its own or with fresh vegetables. In winter it is excellent with polenta and boiled meats.

Appearance: straw-coloured and compact paste, with rich blue-greenish marbling. The rind is a light reddish colour and is usually protected with foil.

Palfuoco - 200gr

Palfuoco is a cow's milk blue cheese characterised by the addition of chili pepper which causes a one-of-a-kind encounter between the sweetness of the cheese and the intensity of the chili pepper, giving the palate diabolical sensations!

This cheese has been left to mature for a minimum of 60 days to develop its strong flavours.

Serving suggestions: full-bodied, aged, red wines. Celery stalks. Bread and polenta, but also risotto and try it on pizza!

Appearance: white or pale yellow, buttery, painted with blue veins, with hot red pepper. Sweet and slightly sharp due to the presence of hot chili pepper

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Extra Sweet Gorgonzola PDO &  Spicy Gorgonzola Extra Riserva PDO: MILK, salt, probiotics, yeast, penicillium, rennet.

Palfuoco: MILK, CHILI PEPPER (0.4%) salt, probiotics, yeast, penicillium, rennet.

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