Rare Excellence

The true hidden gems of Italian culinary excellence

Every now and then we come across a taste that is just too good to be true.
A delight that fully encompasses its region, its story, its excellence. When we find one of these rare excellences, there’s nothing we love more than to share it with you! Every month our team will search and find a true delight, a taste unlike any other, and offer it in limited quantities, for a limited time. These are the incredible Rare Excellence of Italian Delights.

A taste like no other


Alta Langa DOCG Metodo Classico Pas Dosé Riserva “Zero 140” Moon



VAT included

OUT OF STOCK - Will come back soon!

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Discover the past limited edition

You may have missed your chance to taste these products, but if you’d like to learn their story, we’ve kept them up: Robiola di Roccaverano DOP, Torta Pistocchi, Salame of Mora Romagnola in beeswax, Whole Summer Truffle. Plus you can always keep your fingers crossed they will be back again soon.