Shipping & Delivery

Straight from our producers to you

Our mission it to bring to your home the traditional products from our land in the best possible way,
only using the hightest quality materials for your shipments and all the love and passion for our work.

Below, you’ll find the shipping costs, the countries we ship to and how we prepare your orders.

All orders are prepared and shipped from our warehouse in Arona, on Lake Maggiore, in Italy.


Free above 69€


Free above 129€


Delivers in 24h
Less than 10kg

We ship to the following countries:

Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Monaco, Portugal, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia.

If you don’t see your country on the list above but you would like to order some of our products, please send us an email at and we’ll arrange shipping.

After we receive the order (and the payment has been confirmed), we prepare the shipment in 24h and then we give it to all the major couriers for delivery, which will take 48/72h. We ship with SDA, DHL, GLS and Milkman.

If you make an order during the weekend (as well as holidays) or on Thursdays, we will wait until the next working day to prepare the shipment for delivery.

If you pay with a bank transfer, your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.

Please, when making the order, leave an address where you are certain to be at the time of delivery, otherwise, the shipment will be brought to a collection center.

Delivery times are estimates and depend on the transit times of the courier.
We are not responsible for the delays caused by the couriers in case of important events (strikes, holidays, bad weather, shipping peaks). We are responsible for packing goods securely and minimizing delays.

All non-EU orders may be subject to customs charges.

UK shipping

We’re happy to share that shipping is once again available to the UK, however there are some guidelines to follow. Unfortunately, animal products are no longer allowed to be sent to the UK, meaning we cannot sell or ship you Cured Meats or Cheeses. However all the other delights are yours to enjoy!

But I still see these categories?
They are still visible on the site, however, add to cart will be disabled for logged-in customers, and those who are not logged in will find they are unable to continue checkout with one of these products in their cart. We also would like to remind you, unfortunately since Brexit, imports ordered through Italian Delights may be subject to customs fees. We are unable to control this, nor are we able to control the fee imposed. We suggest you consult with your local post if you are considering a substantial order.

Country Estimated Delivery time
Austria 2 days
Belgium 2 days
Bulgaria 4 days
Croatia 2 days
Czech Republic 3 days
Denmark 5 days
Finland 6 days
France 2 days
Germany 2 days
Greece 5 days
Hungary 4 days
Latvia 4 days
Estonia 4 days
Lithuania 4 days
Country Estimated Delivery time
Ireland 3 days
Italy 1 day
Luxembourg 2 days
Monaco 2 days
Netherlands 2 days
Poland 3 days
Portugal 5 days
Romania 4 days
Serbia 3 days
Slovakia 3 days
Spain 2 days
Sweden 6 days
Switzerland 4 days
Slovenia 3 days

Express Shipping (Europe only)

Want to enjoy your products without waiting too long?

Worry no more because you have the opportunity to select Express Shipping and your order will be delivered in 24h all over Europe.

It costs 19,90€ for orders below 10kg and 29,90€ for orders between 11-20kg. You can check the cost during your checkout.

For orders above 20kg, you can contact us via email or by phone and we can arrange the express shipping together.

Refrigerated Transport (Italy only) – Temporarily suspended

We have partnered with STEF, the leading courier in refrigerated transport, to offer you a new and optional service to better store and transport your products during the hottest months. In fact, the products will be store and moved at a temperature of +4° C, thus guaranteeing a refrigerated journey from our warehouse to your home.

It is very different from the other express couriers we use in terms of costs and delivery time, however as a premium service, the quality is certainly exceptional.

12,90€ for Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Molise, Piedmont, Puglia, Tuscany, Trentino Alto Adige, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto.

16,90€ for Basilicata, Sicily, Sardegna and Calabria.

You can select this shipping method on the cart page or during checkout.

How do we ship the products


We’d like to remind you that all the products we sell are seasoned or aged, therefore according to the latest regulations, they do not need to be transported at 0-4°C.

However, for added security, we ship food in thermal bags, which together with dry ice, will keep the products fresh. Most of the products here, especially cheeses, are vacuum-sealed, so it’s even more assured that they will be fresh upon arrival.

Thermal bags are the industry standard for shipping food worldwide.

Thermal bags will then be put in cardboard boxes and then sealed.
In case of large orders, more packages will be added to the same shipment – it will, of course, be counted as 1 shipment even though there are more packages.


We use inflatable plastic bags to protect the bottles during transport. They are efficent and provide an astounding protection.

Watch how we ship the products