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The Good, Clean, Fair excellence of Italy

The Slow Food Movement was born in Piedmont in 1986, with the intention of taking a new perspective on the food we eat. Their motto is good, clean, fair. Focusing on the good quality, and taste, the clean production methods both socially and environmentally, and fair production, regarding the social impact. Together with these three pillars, they focus on preserving the traditions of cultures internationally.

Keeping Italian tradition alive

Through Slow Food Presidia, the movement is able to valorize these delicious products and continue the great work of artisan producers. These tastes could be a salame of a rare breed, a cheese made in a particular way, or a rare fruit that the movement is striving to save. Slow Food Presidia can be this and so much more.

Emilia Romagna

Mortadella – Slow Food Presidio

around 550/600gr


VAT included

Slow Food Presidio

Traditional Local Product

Delicious on its own or in recipes

On Italian Delights you will find a number of Slow Food Presidia products such as Prosciutto Bazzone, Marinated Eel, Montebore Cheese and much, much more, take a look below.

Slow Food Cured Meats & Cheeses

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