A Spring Picnic in Emilia Romagna

Delight in the beauty of an Italian Spring with the flavours of Emilia Romagna

As the flowers bloom on the hills outside of Bologna, the sunny days inspire us to take our favourite bites and head out for a little picnic. Nothing could make a spring day better than soaking up the sun with our closest friends, sharing a glass of local craft beer, or the unforgettable fizzy Lambrusco. Together with a plate of Mortadella, salame strolghino and a little Parmigiano Reggiano drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar, the perfect way to satisfy our palates.

And with an authentic Piadina, our lunch is complete

Piadine are the classic round thin bread of Emilia Romagna. Heat them up to soften them, add your favourite savoury or sweet fillings. Our delicious go-to is a little Red Cow’s Caciotta with some salad, tomatoes and thin slices of Mortadella with pistachio. To spice it up a little, a small spread of Mostarda Romagnola adds a delicious layer. These are the perfect way to enjoy regional excellence, through a simple yet tasty lunch.

Emilia Romagna

Traditional Piadina

360gr - 3 piadine


VAT included

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Simply delicious

To be filled with savoury or sweet fillings

Ready in minutes

Try it for yourself

Emilia Romagna has captured hearts and belly’s for centuries, their culinary excellence is undeniable. But you don’t need to reserve a spot at Osteria Francescana to enjoy this incredible cuisine.

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