Celebrate the Harvest Tradition

Sip true excellence with the best of Italian Wines

Another year has gone by and we have reached one of our favourite seasons in Italy – that of the Vendemmiathe Grape Harvest! 
A lively time here in Italy where every region celebrates with sagre and festivals, and plenty of wine flows.
It is a time to prepare for the new vintage while sipping on past ones of our favourite wines.

A new process of tradition begins

From August to November, winemakers head to the vines with their team, hand-picking only the best bunches of grapes.
These are brought to the cellar where they are separated from their stems, and crushed to begin the journey from vine to wine. From here every wine takes a unique journey, being separated from the grape skins, fermenting with yeast, and ageing to refine its elegant taste.
It’s in these steps every unique Italian wine truly develops.


Passito Valdenrico

2018 - 37,5cl


VAT included

In Piedmont, our producers Rovellotti are hard at work transforming the local ancient grape of Erbaluce into wine for every curious palate.
Their Passito in particular is excellence in a bottle. Grapes are harvested then left to dry for months in fruttai, naturally ventilated racks. This concentrates the sugars and dries them out, after the months pass by, the dried grapes are taken to be vinified, through pressing and fermentation, along with further ageing.
A long process, carried through generations to create only the highest quality passito wine.

Start sipping the best of Italy

Curious to taste this tradition?
Discover all the excellent Italian wines of past vintages, while we eagerly await what 2022 will bring us.
Erbaluce and Dolcetto are often the seasonal delights in Piedmont, while now is the perfect time to taste a Rosso di Montalcino from Tuscany, a Carignano or Vermentino from Sardinia, or a Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna.

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